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Before doing hypnotherapy through Pranadarshan, used to have a mountain of problems. All of those have disappeared. Thats how effective it was. I got a result the day the programme ended itself. The asthma which i had been having for the past 16 years has gone. Now I do not use medicines. Now I am very confident in facing my problems.


I have understood that Pranadarshan level 3 helps us understand our self. Now there is an order and discipline in my personal life. I have been practicing Yoga for the past 10 years. I have been able to change the problems and lacks in my character through Pranadarshan

Merin Paul

I am Merin. I am working as a Nurse. Before coming to Pranadarshan, there were a lot of negative problems in my body. I used to have a lot of body pain. I had problems in my eyes and my legs. On testing, everything was found to be normal. I have attended other courses. But I was unable to remove negativity from my body. I came here to get rid of the negativity. Within 2 days of attending the course, I was able to get rid of 75% of my problems. That is the change that has happened to my body. The second change is that earlier , everyone in my family would always fid fault with me. May be it was because i was negative, I don’t know. Nobody would support me. I live with my father. After 2 days of doing the course, my father automatically became positive. Now he doesn’t angry with me. How silly I was. I felt it was because of me that they were all getting angry with me. Through Pranadarshan, I had my 3rd experience. I got the result soon after doing it. Eight years ago, aperson I was very close to hurt me a lot. After during the Pranadarshan, this person, who lives in Ireland, Phoned me, and asked me to pardon him for what he had done. So how effective Pranadarshan is, You can understand. The 4th thing is that the more positive we become, those around us also become positive. We will attract only positive. It took me only 2 days to understand a friend I made just 2 days ago. It was very quickly that I was able to understand if my friend was positive or negative.

Sibo Alex

I have done level 1, 2, and 3. When I came here, I had a lot of tension. There was a heainess in my chest. I couldn’t bear it. In the midst of this, I lost my job. With this, I was overwhelmed with financial problems, depression, and a lot of negativity. Once I started doing Pranadarshan, I got job, which I had hoped for. Not only have most of my family problems reduced, once, my child’s illness was cured.


Through Pranadarshan we get powerful tools to use when we require them. One can understood its usefulness when one starts using them.

Ajith Kumar

I am a bank employee. In my life, I have never been able to speak with a mike in my hand. On many occasions and bank functions, even when my colleagues have persuaded me, I have only backed out from speaking. After I started doing Pranadarshan, I have been able to speak confidentially a mike even in front of large audiences. I feel that the reasons for many of our illness are the experiences and shocks we have experienced from our childhood. Through Hypnotherapy 2nd level , we will be able to get rid of the effects of these experiences from our body. Through the 3rd level, not only our problems, but we can help solve the problems of others too.

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