Santhwanam is a philanthropic endeavor of Pranadarshan aimed at transforming lives of orphaned and underpriviliged children.

We operate programs around Kerala with the objective of elevating the well being of underprivileged children, especially from Shishubhavan, Balabhavan, and other such institutions. At Pranadarshan, we believe that the best thing we can do to these less privileged children is to equip them with the skills and attitude required for succeeding in life.

The programs are designed specifically to improve the emotional health and wellness of children, to give them a feeling that they are also a part of the society and that they too can succeed in life just like anybody else. They are invited to Pranadarshan twice every month and are offered food, clothing, and much more. Simple meditations, Pranadarshan therapy, etc. are also given free of cost to these participants to remove their emotional burdens, to boost their confidence, and to shape their attitude to become successful in this modern world. Known personalities from different walks of life are invited to interact with the children, thus giving them a sense of joy and happiness and an opportunity to learn valuable lessons from these distinguished guests. It is a chance for them to meet their role models.

This modest endeavor of Pranadarshan is empowering underprivileged children and helping them lead a much better life than before.




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