What is Pranadarshan Therapy - a meditation technique or hypnotism?

Pranadarshan Therapy is a therapeutic technique that combines ancient wisdom and modern hypnosis techniques. The focus is, as in ancient disciplines, more on our self; however, this is practiced in the same way as that of hypnosis. The therapy is imparted when the participant is half asleep. Ancient wisdom has the limitation of being complex and needing years of systematic practice. The emotional and intellectual levels of the present generation may not be suitable for such rigid and structured practice, as today, people prefer to get quick results. Hence, to suit the modern scenario, this ancient wisdom was combined with modern methods and delivered in a manner that gives quick results.

How does Pranadarshan Therapy work?

Pranadarshan Therapy works at both physical and emotional layers. On a physical level, the practices involved will heal the diseases manifested in the physical body as a result of emotional distress. In the emotional layer, this therapy helps you to release trapped emotions and to graduate to a higher level wherein you can face any demanding situation in life without suffering any emotional turmoil.

What are the different levels in Pranadarshan Therapy?

Pranadarshan Therapy is divided into 3 levels. Level I: This program works at the conscious level wherein changes take place through direct one-to-one counseling, conscious practice of techniques, actively listening to the master trainer’s video guides, and following the self-help modules developed by Pranadarshan. To get optimum benefits from this level and from the subsequent levels, the participant is advised to observe 10 golden rules of Pranadarshan that will be taught in the L1 program. Level II: This program works at the subconscious level. In this level, the trapped emotions of the participants are released thereby cleansing the entire emotional layer and making the participant fit enough to face any challenging situation in life with confidence. Level III: This level aims to equip the participants with self-healing abilities and the ability to heal their dear ones. Anyone who successfully completes this level will be able to solve a number of issues in life relating to different walks of life like education, relationships, business, and so on.

Who is eligible to practice Pranadarshan Therapy?

Anyone who is the age group of 13 to 80 who is capable of hearing and understanding instructions can participate in Pranadarshan Therapy programs. However, they should participate of their own volition.

When can a participant who does the therapy start seeing results?

The answer is – almost immediately! However, quick results favor those in acute distress. The results will be quickly visible when the participant presents with high levels of emotional distress. For those presenting with moderate emotional distress, the results will start manifesting after a good night’s sleep. Those presenting with minimal emotional distress can feel the difference in a week or so. For students, the effect gets reflected in academic performance and exam results.

Should I practice Pranadarshan Therapy every day to see the results?

The more regular you are in your practice, the better the results you get. If your objective is to maintain the same success rate throughout in life, then you need to practice this regularly and continuously. Since this is done in mind, it can be practiced anywhere anytime.

Can I stop medicines for depression after attending Pranadarshan Therapy?

Yes! Those who successfully complete Pranadarshan Therapy can stop their medicines without having any repercussions.

Will I need to be a vegetarian to become eligible for participating in Pranadarshan Therapy?

No, you need not. However, it has been observed that successful participants are gradually developing an aversion towards Rajasic foods. Again, if you consciously avoid foods that trigger emotional upsets, then you will have an added advantage and long-lasting effect on your emotional well being.

Is Pranadarshan related to any religious faith?

The answer is an emphatic no! Pranadarshan is not a religion. You do not have to change your religious beliefs to participate in Pranadarshan Therapy. Also, you need not have faith in Pranadarshan methods to get concrete results. All you need is a willingness to participate and follow the recommendations given by the trainer. However, it is always better if you have an aide with you when you come for Pranadarshan Therapy programs. It has been observed that after successful completion of Pranadarshan programs, participants are able to accept their own belief systems (religion) in a better and comprehensive manner. This is because, through Pranadarshan programs, the negative emotions like guilt, fear, irrational doubt, etc. get uprooted from mind, making the participant a lot more open minded and more accepting of others’ behavior, opinion, etc.

What kinds of problems can be treated with Pranadarshan Therapy?

Pranadarshan Therapy is very effective for a variety of emotional issues and diseases. These include, but not limited to: Depression Bipolar Disorder Post-Traumatic Disorder Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Self-destructive emotions like fear, anger, guilt, despair, etc. Different kinds of phobias like social phobia, claustrophobia, And stage fright etc.

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