Pranadarshan’s Guided Therapy

Pranadarshan’s Guided Therapy

Pranadarshan’s Guided Therapy is a promising new approach to healing complicated emotions and their harmful side effects in the physical body. Through this program, we explore your emotional challenges, influential memories, physical manifestations of negative emotions and work towards uprooting them in a safe and secure manner. These are one-to-one sessions focused on specific issues that you present with. You can experience astonishingly quick results from this guided therapy. This works best when you are experiencing a high level of emotional distress – like when you are suffering from high levels of depression or really struggling from emotional trauma.

The session is particularly effective for:

Bipolar Disorder
Mood Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Irrational fears like stage fear, social phobia, claustrophobia, etc.
Short-tempered behavior
Grief and bereavement

The therapy involves 4 primary sessions of 3 hours’ duration followed by 3 followup sessions of 3 hours’ duration. Consultation with prior appointment only.

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