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What is Pranadarshan Therapy - a meditation technique or hypnotism?

Pranadarshan Therapy is a therapeutic technique that combines ancient wisdom and modern hypnosis techniques. The focus is, as in ancient disciplines, more on our self; however, this is practiced in the same way as that of hypnosis. The therapy is imparted when the participant is half asleep. Ancient wisdom has the limitation of being complex and needing years of systematic practice. The emotional and intellectual levels of the present generation may not be suitable for such rigid and structured practice, as today, people prefer to get quick results. Hence, to suit the modern scenario, this ancient wisdom was combined with modern methods and delivered in a manner that gives quick results.

How does Pranadarshan Therapy work?

Pranadarshan Therapy works at both physical and emotional layers. On a physical level, the practices involved will heal the diseases manifested in the physical body as a result of emotional distress. In the emotional layer, this therapy helps you to release trapped emotions and to graduate to a higher level wherein you can face any demanding situation in life without suffering any emotional turmoil.

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